Thirty years ago we traveled to Mexico on a vacation that turned into a love affari with the country, people and especially the arts of this amazing place. We saw so many beautiufl things which we had never seen in the US and wondered why. We decided to try our hand at bringing the unique and beautiful pieces we had seen throughout Mexico to San Francisco. We were particularly drawn to the contemporary art being produced at that time, the early 1990s. There was a renaissance of painting happening in various places, Oaxaca, Mexico City and elsewhere. We met many wonderful artists and dealers who understood our mission and together we have been able to showcase some of the truly original art being produced by this younger generation of artists and artisans. The older traditional arts and crafts were still be produced and we definitely wanted to bring these too. Some of these older masters have passed away,but luckily, many of their children continue the traditions of their families and produce new and amazing works based on their forebears’ visions.

We opened the first Polanco Gallery store in February 1991, a small space but filled with so many treasures. After four years we moved to a much larger space and for the next twenty years we held exhibitions of artist from Mexico, highlighted artesania and antiques from all over the country. In 2015 we relocated to our final gallery, a light-filled, colorful space. At the end of January 2018, we decided to retire, actually semi-retire, and closed the gallery. Since then we have continued our quest for the best of Mexico’s art, folk crafts, antiques and jewelry, only now online and through our email announcements and special events.

For more information on our plans, our inventory and exhibitions, please send us your email and we will put you on our notification list.

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